If you are serious about upping your live streaming game, then Streaming Alchemy is the show for you.  We are focused on the best techniques, technologies, and tools for live video producers.   We want to help you  get the most out of the gear you already have while highlighting new gear that could raise the bar on what you produce and deliver to your community.

With Streaming Alchemy, we will dive below the surface to explore the details behind buzz words and general concepts. We’ll look at studio infrastructures and production workflows, with an emphasis on IP-based technologies like NDI and Dante. We’ll demonstrate a range of video and audio gear, and cover key concepts behind lighting setups, lens selections, and sound processing. We’ll have guests that will share unique insights into the world of live streaming

And we will be listening to you in deciding what to cover next.

Our goal is to make Streaming Alchemy as engaging and interactive as we can. We will be using a new web-based video call in system from Gnural Net that will allow you to join shows to ask questions, make comments, and share experiences – right from your browser. We look forward to you becoming part of the show.

Streaming Alchemy will be coming to you this May as a live weekly stream on both Facebook and YouTube.

We hope to see you then!