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StreamGeeks Summit 2019 Recap 

On today’s show we will be doing a recap of the StreamGeeks Summit 2019 in New York, alongside presenting our “Live Streaming 101” workshop that was given there. Unfortunately, we had to record today’s show in the studio and upload it. We had internet problems while we were going live today that we couldn’t resolve locally. Our uplink bandwidth to our ISP kept dropping from 35Mb to under 1.5Mb, forcing…

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Producing and Switching an Event 

On today’s show we will be providing an overview of the process behind Producing/Switching an Event from the planning stages to running it. We will be using the StreamGeeks Summit 2019 as a reference and walking through the decisions that we made to prepare for our role in Switching the show. We will also be staying Live after the show to answer any questions and talk with any callers. Thanks…

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Coming Soon: The Streaming Alchemy Show 

If you are serious about upping your live streaming game, then Streaming Alchemy is the show for you.  We are focused on the best techniques, technologies, and tools for live video producers.   We want to help you  get the most out of the gear you already have while highlighting new gear that could raise the bar on what you produce and deliver to your community. With Streaming Alchemy, we will…

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